Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Oh Holy Night. A Children’s Choir. A Manger Scene at the front of the Sanctuary. Real candles. Church clothes. My heart was smiling…despite what it took to get everyone there, I’m so glad we did it.
…I wonder what the people were thinking…singing, eyes closed in their somber state of worship, and I pull out my big camera and start shooting pictures.


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  1. Hahaha, I can’t believe you took pictures at church, you are so daring! But I’m so glad you did, it is a beautiful shot!

  2. No one likes to admit it, but everyone loves a PAPARAZZO!!! =)

  3. I think every church should employ a tactful photographer, and then on New Year’s they should show all the “moments” of the previous year in a gorgeous kelle-esque DVD on a big screen….

  4. this picture is


  5. good for you.
    these are the special moments too
    i take pictures in church every week.
    it is such fun to follow your blog as your family reminds me so so much of mine.
    i have two older step children i just love ( they are married and one has two children – my grandkids) and then we have two girls and a boy. only one more thing for you to do… we adopted a ten year old girl when our older daughter was almost 2. what a wonderful family we enjoy.
    you will have such fun with your new baby boy.

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