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Apparently blogging is the new black, and it looks fabulous on everyone else, so I’m dying to try it. I’m SO inspired by the creativity of my favorite bloggers, and I’ve been wanting to do it simply because it looks like SO much fun and is such a creative challenge. It’s a blank canvas I can’t wait to paint on! It’s a new Hello Kitty diary complete with colored gel pens that I can’t wait to write in! It’s an empty scrapbook that is begging to be filled. It’s a thousand dollar shopping spree to Michaels! So, here it is…a blank page. My hands are shaking! I can’t wait to fill it… with the little things that make me happy. Beginning with… the wonderful inspiration of my ridiculously talented, creative, insightful sister whose blog is a tiny window (but a really pretty one with Shabby Chic curtains) into her life, one that I miss being a part of because I’m so far away. She got me started on this…check out her fabulousness at


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  1. When I start following someones blog, I like to go to their very first post and see where they started from. Kelle, I feel like you are a true kindred spirit. I love that you do find joy in the little things. Your family is gorgeous, filled with so much love. It shows in your stunning pictures and beautifully chosen words.

  2. Man, you’re like the coolest person I’ve ever met…and I haven’t even met you! I had to see where this all started so I went back to your very first blog entry…a gem from the get-go! Sayin’ “Howdy!” from Texas, Capri :-)

  3. I had to come here and check it out too! You better write that book girl!

  4. can’t get thru a page without crying. Simply Beautiful. This is like free therapy. I love you and I’ve never met you.

  5. I’m another who likes to go to the beginning, here I am. I think you have inspired me more than any other person, thank you for that. I’m turning my tragedy into treasure, although I know you don’t consider recent events a tragedy (and they are so not). I just have a few right now, and your point of view gave me this new concept…tragedy into treasure~ I’m breathing now, thank you~

  6. Jennifer G. says:

    Hee hee, I’m doing it too! This blog is SO incredibly inspiring that I want to know how it all began! Thanks for all you share and say!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kelle, I’m like others who went back to the beginning of the blog. I ditto the free therapy comment. I recently read your post about Lainey ‘mothering’ a group of dolls and how, just maybe, she learned how to love and mommy those dolls from watching you all love her. I think that is your gift. Teaching how to love. I had lost so much of that ability. After several years of a very bad relationship/marriage, I gave birth to my daughter, now two, from a place in my life where I felt semi-dead; shut down from my soul out, and although I knew the love I had for my daughter, I had just been sad. No longer knowing who I was. Not being the mom I knew I was destined to be. No longer writing, or painting, or crafting, or doing any of the things that brought me joy. I don’t know if you understand that so many people do not feel the world that you do. I am just beginning to reclaim that thanks to you. And please write that book and continue to teach others, or remind them at least, how to love.

  8. I am here at your first post because I plan to eventually read every one of your posts, and what better place to start than the beginning? :) Away we go!! :)

  9. Doesn’t this just tickle you pink? (The people coming back this far, I mean.) I’ve been reading since the day little Nella C was born, but this is the first time I’ve been able to take a few minutes to come by and start from the beginning. I’m hoping to read three or four posts a night until I get to Nella’s birth.

    I’ve only read the complete archives of six or seven blogs over the past four years, but I consider yours to be completely worth the time and effort. I am in love with your girls! Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  10. you have a sister with blog…SHoOT…now I’ll really get nothing done when the kids are taking a nap :)Kelle you are beautiful. Thank you for being you. You have shown me (in a nut shell) to let my kids play with glitter and not worry about the mess! THANK YOU…

  11. I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now, but today is the first time that I have gone back to the begining. I’m a newbie to the blog world myself. Only a few posts and I’m learing as I go. Your blog was the first blog I really started following, and I talk about it all the time and have referred so many people here since starting to read it. You are so very inspiring. You have a great ability to take any situation, be it good, bad, challenging, etc, and making into a positive learning experience. I envy that and have started striving to do the same in my life. I’ve said many times to friends, that when I’m lucky enough to have children, I hope I can be a fun, creative mom to my kids like I believe you are. So I guess in someways, you’ve become one of my mommy role models (next to my mom of course)! Think I may have to finish reading all the posts now!

  12. Happy Birthday, Kelle Enjoying the Small Things Hampton My Daily MUST Read Blog!!! Thanks for all the smiles and appreciation for life whatever it deals us. Happy Day!

  13. Your blog is very inspiring and just like most of the other comments I had to go back to the first post.

  14. Love the blog. Love your kids. Love the pics. Thanks for your wonderful words.

  15. I started reading after Nella was born and my girl was about to be born. I was here in the middle of night when I couldn’t sleep after nursing (no fair, right?) in the afternoon bouncing my baby to your sweet playlist, and nowadays whenever I can sneak a peek at the computer while my tiny terrorist crawls off to destroy something.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  16. Another “back-to-the-beginning”-er here! I want you to know how much insight your blog has given me. Not only was it you who led me into the direction of starting my own blog ( but it was also you who led me to my passion for photography, and for that, I could never thank you enough! It isn’t only moms who you inspire, it’s also 15 year-old life-loving teenage girls. When the time comes I can only hope that I’ll be as fabulous as a mother as you are!


  17. Your beautiful birth story drew me in and now my husband truly believes I am stalking your family. I tell him daily how I want to be one of your friends and wax poetic to my own village about your creativity and hope I can someday be as wonderful a mama to my own children as you are to yours. I will now start at your beginning to experience it all one story and picture at a time. Thank you for being you and sharing it with all of us.

  18. And so it began. I stumbled my way through some of your posts to this one. I am loving this first one as I sit here grinning. So happy you ever started this blog.


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