A Girl Who Loves Her Daddy

Early this morning, before Brett woke up, while the house was quiet, we did what we do every morning. We play in her room…I sip my coffee while I watch her pick up books, chew on dolls, inspect her rattles. It’s quiet, and I love it. I was taking photos of her while she played and couldn’t get her to smile for anything. Then, out of the blue….this magical little smile emerges. Little did I know, her daddy woke up and was standing quietly behind me. He does it to her every time. That girl loves her daddy so much!


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  1. Kelle, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and today, while I am sick at home, child and husband free, I am cuddled up in a warm afghan, reading through your old posts. I have been crying silently inside, silent little sobs that heave my body…and then I saw this picture…and the tears spilled.

    You are nothing short of inspirational.

    Thank you for sharing your magic with us. I don’t know your family, but I love you all.

  2. look at your little princess from back then. Little do we know what they will become when they are this small. I love your blog. Brings tears to my eyes for so many reasons. Your photography is beautiful, your words are poetic.

  3. I decided to peek back to some of your older blogs. What I love about this blog and pic is that Lainey is doing the same thing that we have seen Nella do. Their daddy, your husband, must be a wonderful man. We have seen the look that he gets from both of his little girls. The sheer admiration for their daddy, the one who nicknames them, cuddles them, and smiles with them. Congratulations on your happiness.

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