We leave for our 22 hour drive to Michigan in three days. I have
laundry to wash, bags to pack, presents to wrap, places to clean, lists to make…but I keep getting sidetracked. There’s this little face smiling at me. Play with me. Read to me. Hold me. She’s good–really good. So, it’s not that I can’t get things done because she needs me. It’s me. There’s this constant reminder in the back of my mind that tomorrow she’ll be bigger. So, today I soak her up. I snuggle her sweet cheeks, drink in her sugary baby breath, and kiss the soft fuzz on her head that will all too soon grow into real hair–hair that will hide the cute little bald head that keeps her a baby for now.


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  1. ooohhh so true. Just don’t want to miss a moment! And what is it about bald baby heads?! They are so babyish and cute, I love those little bald heads!

  2. She can bring out the ADD in any of us! She is magic!!

  3. just make a pot of coffee…paint your door black…add some gems to your flip-flops. you’ve got plenty of time to pack.

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