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  1. No, there is nothing cuter!! :)

  2. I can’t think of one thing cuter! OMG! Your pictures and captions amaze me!

  3. ha…she’s looking at them, like she knows they are new. Wait till she can stand and show them off like KH and brag about how they’re german made or hand-stitched! hahahaha

  4. Awww! Me and Lainey have matching shoes!!!! ~tessa

  5. Anonymous says:

    my best friend, who is pretty flippin pregnant now, started a blog recently. she wrote about your blog and i followed the link. after i read nella’s story, i decided that i would start from the beginning and read your story. it’s beautiful. and these chuck’s on your lainey just made it even more precious to me. her baby girl isn’t here yet, but she already has baby chuck’s to get her through the first two years of her life. your story is beautiful and i can’t wait to finish it. the pics make it real and i’m glad i’ve found this blog. thank you for sharing.

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