Heart Doctor and Twisty Girl

We went to see the pediatric cardiologist today to check up on two little holes she had in her heart when she was born. She had an EKG and an ultrasound, and everything is perfect. The cardiologist said there’s just a tiny pinhole left. And I said, “Of course there is! She has so much love in that heart, how else do you expect it to seep out?!”

On a different but really sweet note, I have to start sharing her weekly nickname Daddy gives her. Since she was born, I started writing them all down in her baby book because he invents the cutest, most unique names that are SO fitting for her…and he calls her that name for days. Like her newborn name, Baby Gookee. I loved that one.

This week…it’s Twisty because when you hold her, she gets all pretzel-y on ‘ya to get to the floor to play.

I love my little Twisty.


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  1. WHAT A DOLL BABY!!!!!!!!!! I could eat her up!!

  2. Love the chicken jammers!

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