A Helping of Dessert

Baby Piggies make me crazy. I’m so obsessed, I take pictures of them all the time as if those ten little toes change every day. I’m always amazed that those are the same little footies that kicked me when she was in my tummy! Seriously though, are they not scrumptiously delish?

And, look what my little Pie-Pie is doing! Yes, that’s a full-out crawl position! Our little take-her-time shmookins (yes, I said shmookins) is doing things exactly when the books say she will now! She’s movin’ and groovin’! I added the smile pic to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yummy Baby!


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  1. My widdle schmookins, she is shmokin on the floor now. What you have wished for will now be your greatest challenge–it is a crawl and a curious voyage that will last a lifetime. Houston, she’s left the launch pad. Good luck! I love u all!

  2. OMG! She gets cuter everyday!! From her head down to her schmookin toes! I can’t get enough!! She’s a crawler now! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I’ve never seen a “newborn” crawl before, but now I have!! teehee

  3. ohhhhh….I’ve seen her grow up all on one page!!! She looks WAY too big in that jeep, and the toes are delicious…love the flower baby…


    peace out!

  4. AWESOME! I love the komodo dragon toy in the background of the crawling shot!!!

  5. Whoa, and talk about HAIR! She has a ton of it all of the sudden, so cute :)

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