Just Chillin’

Now that we’ve added a play corner to her room (sorry… clarification: nursery. I’ll always call it a nursery, even when she comes home from college), she will sit forever–literally, over an hour by herself–just chillin’. She plays and babbles. She has a little CD player in her room and listens to music while she plays. When “The Wheels on the Bus” comes on, she always smiles. God, I love her.


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  1. I wanna chill with her! God, she looks so content! I heart LL!!

  2. I LOVE THE MUSIC ADDITION TO YOUR BLOG!! I have your blog minimized at work just to hear all the songs! Once it completes, I refresh your blog and start all over!! Add more songs girlfriend and I can have my own juke box at work!!!

  3. What a good baby, to chill by herself like that! Kudos on the cute playthings!

  4. I need my fill!! I’m obsessed with your blog!!

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