Portraits of a Baby Mood Swing

Was it Shakespeare who once said:

Oh Baby, how thy mood swings doth amuse me! The clock doth tick but a second and thy visage hast changed. Thy sweet, kind smile doth fleet like the wind. Behold, thy frown overtakes thee like the vast sails on a great ship. Wherefore art thy grin? Yet, still, amid thy displeasure, I find thee a heavenly angel. Whether thou art happy or sad, thou art always mine.


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  1. Ahhh!!! That is SO cute! I love her frowny face as much as her smiley one :)

  2. She’s cute no matter which mood she’s in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a typical female, huh? Her hair is filling in fast!!!

  4. That last picture of her is so hilarious…..she looks so scary, but we all know how sweet and loving she really is. Love her!

  5. yes, the last pic is my favorite. these made me smile.

  6. Agreed. Last pic is fave! Her lips are incredible! I love these “progression” shots of various moods – love em!

  7. Love the sad faces!! And the flip-top head yawn face, too. ha!

  8. Okay, Poppa babysat for her today and all I saw was her awesome collection of smiles…we went for a long walk, she played on my tummy (which is firm and fit), and we loved all morning…she is a doll. She studies me every time she sees me…like she knows she knows me…but just needs to reboot every time. I was half tempted to dye that hair a nice chestnut brown so it would show…it’s all there, lots of it…but it is like transparent hair. Oh well, she has the face to carry it off.

  9. Ohhhhh!!!! Beautiful :-)

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