We Buy Toys…

…but all she wants to play with are tags & shoes. Her little eagle eyes can spot a tag on a stuffed animal within seconds, and God bless the soul that tries to pry a shoe out of her grip.


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  1. What a true girl!! xoxo

  2. Aww, I love her tiny little pudgy fingers grasping that tag!

  3. Rennie also loves tags! What IS it about them? We recently got a toy that is covered in fabric “tags” and she loves it.

  4. I know that feeling! My daughter is 20 months now, and from the get-go she has LOVED playing with tags on anything, and she gets such a kick out of playing with everyone’s shoes. She’ll put on big sister’s houseshoes and cruise around the house like they fit just right!

  5. Wow! so pretty shoes…

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