We Think She’s Pretty

God made us an ice cream sundae. After he scooped up every flavor of sweetness, kindness and contentment there was, he added a little cherry on top: He gave us Pretty.


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  1. soooo pretty and nothing better than a pretty baby in a smocked dwess!!!

  2. Do you know what I wuv??


    Now that is delicious!!!!

  3. How did you get music and a blue background? That is awesome!

    I am SO glad you clicked on each photo to enlarge it, I was HOPING someone would do that, just because I did it myself about 100 times to admire my own handiwork!! Ha! I know, don’t you just LOVE nurseries? Don’t you want to have about five in your house?! I do! I just want to keep decorating them over and over again! =)

  4. boootiful says:

    I love these pictures of her. She is so feminine and GORGEOUS! Her eyes are so pretty!

  5. What a pwetty widdle baby!

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