Weekend Snapshots

Baby Jammers are my favorite…sportin’ our Valentine ones a little early…
If you don’t have hair, you can always use bubbles!

I look ten shades of matronly here, but despite the fact, I’m in love with aprons, I’m in love with miniature Mommy things for baby, and I’m in love with Laura and Carie for getting such a great b-day prezzie! How they found a baby apron, I’ll never know! Can’t wait for Mommy/Daughter cooking days! (yes, that’s a wooden spoon in her hand!)
Cruising with Alec in his jeep (buckled in too…promise). Click on the picture to enlarge her GARGANTUAN GRIN!!! Seriously, could she be any more happy? Such a joy to chase her in this car taking pictures because every single picture had this perma-grin!
Fun weekend, but sad my sister’s back home!


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  1. Hahaha, love the aprons! And those jammers are so cute!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh, my daily fix is back! Those are too cute for words! that perma-grin is too much!!!

  3. That one of the jeep is PRICELESS! You can feel her joy through the picture!

  4. Hey, that’s a jeep shot. Oh, and I think she’s grinning ear to ear because Alec told her they are going to the wig shop. She can make bald beautiful!

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