Because We Can

Enjoying a sunny wagon ride in February…because we can.

Latte always likes to come along. Wild horses could not keep her away from the door the minute the word “walk” is mentioned. Usually, she sits in the basket below the stroller, but today she enjoyed a first class seat. That’s why she’s smiling.This one’s for you, Emma.
And Brett picked out a “beer cooly” that would match his shirt. He’s obsessed with coolies. Takes them to people’s houses and everything.Instead of the “figure 8″ route we usually take on our walks, we took the long route yesterday, visiting the back of our neighborhood and stopping at the lake to look for turtles. Latte only jumped out once to chase another dog. And, midway through our journey, I became entranced with a “porch” on a house. It had two big white wooden rocking chairs and a little table in between them, atop which rested a beautiful vase of pink tulips. I made Brett stop walking and look with me. “See that? That’s where I would sit with my sister and drink coffee.” Less enthused, he kept walking, but I had to stay for awhile, just standing there, looking at “my” porch. Oh, to have a porch.


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  1. Oh how I wish I could walk in shirtsleeves around my neighborhood. We are actually celebrating a “nice” day here…just above freezing and the same shiny sun you are enjoying is clear in our blue skies…but not quite the same for walks…we maneuver around patches of melting ice and pools of draining snow-water…but we will be happy and hope for an early spring. While you envy a porch on your walk, I envy your walk. Why isn’t it Portch…I like that better. I love you and your precious family. Thanks for the Fresh Presh!!!

  2. i had to google beer coolie, i’d never heard of one before…do i sense a hint a sarcasm about the obsession with the beer coolie? they even make them for 40 oz bottles for the REALLY long walks. 😉

    i love that the porch had tulips in a vase on the table, i wonder if they were real.

    my pics of josh are updated and fixed.

  3. I’d sit on the porch with you too!! I’d just request fresh lilies in the “vaz”! :) :) :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Kell, did you notice Lily’s shirt Lainey’s wearing? Smocked shirts with little straps…my fave! And we got TWO from Lily!


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