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  1. THOSE are the cheeks I could just bite…but I promise, I won’t. But they are just so bitable! Hey, let’s work on some upper teeth, girl…I know, I know–hair, teeth, crawling, standing–we’re rushing things. Wait till you hear what we intend you to do with a potty chair someday! In your own time, sweetheart, in your own time. Poppa loves you so!

  2. look at the little senator! every baby girl’s wardrobe MUST include an article with a daisy on it!

  3. Actually, I love some of the words in the word verification…this one is pomigm…it is the tiny seed within the pomegrenate fruit…or so I would like to think. I still want to bite the cheeks…better not leave me alone with her!

  4. I just noticed that she has a cute little dimple in her cheek! I can’t believe I didn’t see that before, but it is adorable!

  5. Her smile is so bright
    Sweet Little Lady Lainey
    Fresh like a Daisy

    I’m in the mood for haiku.

  6. Lainey would make those dollap of daisy commercials way better!!! she is sooooo cute!!!!!! Love Tessa

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