Enjoying the Small Things…on a Fabulishous Friday

Here we are planting our lily bulb today for sweet, sweet Baby Lily who will become Lainey’s pal in April when she arrives (our friends David and Kelly have waited for this baby for a LONG time, and we are so excited with them! Check out their incredibly touching story at Waiting for Lily). We love you Baby Lily and cannot wait to hold you! Lainey put some extra love in the pot so we know our lily will grow just as sweet as the real thing! The small things we enjoyed today: Oh, why the park again, of course! Blue skies, sweet sunshine and a baby as sweet as sugar! Doncha wish you could kiss her sweet cheeks through the monitor? I’ll do it for you…and yes, she’s every bit as delicious as she looks. She’s dessert, I tell you! Dessert! Speaking of, my two-scoops-of-sweetness-with-a-cherry-on-top is chirping a sweet little melody from her crib right now. Ahhh…waking up from naps is delish. She sees me, she smiles, I smile. And it’s lots and lots of Daddy time this weekend too. Pictures to follow, of course.


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  1. Fresh Presh…that’s what I call a set of new pictures of my baby. While I wish I were there to see and celebrate every moment–these photos let me smile with her and push her in my mind’s happy swing. I send her kisses in the morning breeze and hugs in the sunsets. I love you, Lainey Love!

  2. SO Adorable! She looks like she’s having so much fun swinging, I love the face she’s making in the first “swing shot”. You dont look so bad yourself ;-). Oohh and Lainey has a boyfriend!

  3. or she might have a best girlfriend, I can’t tell from the top of the head.

  4. Okay…that made me laugh. It’s a girl…with short hair. That’s our Friday-at-the-park friend, Baylee.

  5. It’s a girlfriend. I suspect it is Bailey–a sweet ‘lil girl whose mother has a sweet southern accent and the inviting charm of warm cornbread fresh from the oven–I love her as I love all the wonderful friends God has placed in Kelle’s life in Naples. Lainey will certainly be folded into a quilt of super people–and she might be saving her heart for your little boy, Tisha!

  6. …oooh, sorry for the wrong spelling on Baylee! I knew that, but forgot when I typed it in. They do look like sisters or kissing cousins in that picture–adorable!!!

  7. Ohhh Lainey and Jonah, not a bad idea Rik! Although I am really hoping Jonah finds an orphan to marry because I want all the holidays and special events in his life to be just mine. lol!

  8. Thank you for mentioning our Sweet Baby Lily in your posting! It made my heart skip a beat! 39 more days until she is here!!! Finally in our arms!! After waiting 1,460 days for her!!! Woah, never did that math before!

    And you’ll bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be at the park on Friday to have a girls day!! BLK can be the girls’ club name!!! No boys allowed; ok maybe Jonah!! But only if he “pinkie promises” not to share any of their secrets!!:)
    Love you. Love you. Love you!!

  9. Thanks for including Jonah! He can be the “laurie” to there Little Women. :)

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