Happy Leap Day!

Skipped lunch today and instead got full on two of my favorite delicacies: ruffle butts and striped leggies.Cubby Bear still curls her toes like a newborn!!!
Relaxin’ in the grass while she “reads” to me…


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  1. I’ve never seen such a cute newborn! That’s great she can stand and crawl already being a newborn n all!! WOW! She’s too cute!!

  2. Grass? What is that? Ours is buried beneath piles of icy, frosty snow. You are so smart to have rescued that little baby from this frozen tundra where she can sit outdoors with rufflebutt panties…here she would be in eskimo garb and still shiver! She is reaching max on the cute-o-meter…the dial’s gonna’ blow!

  3. she’s too cute, her outfits are so funky! Those aren’t just any ruffle butt undies those are SUPER ruffly drawers!

  4. I bought them at Superrufflydrawers.com
    Check it out. Not really. I love ruffles. She has a ruffly shirt that my friends say looks like Jerry Seinfeld’s Shakespeare shirt. I’m obsessed with ruffles. I could eat them.

  5. I love her leggings!!


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