It Doesn’t Get Any Better…

You know what’s a Wonderful Thing? The Dollar Section at Target.
You know what’s equally wonderful? Finding THIS in that dollar section:That’s right, folks. They’re animal crackers. But, not just any animal crackers. They’re Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Animal Crackers. As if animal crackers weren’t good enough, they’re even better. They’re the most miniscule animal crackers you’ve ever seen, but each miraculously still maintaining every bit of detail as its respective predecessor. Minis are delicious. And yes, I still save the cats for last, but in this case, they’re kittens. Oh, and they’re impossible for Baby to choke on.
I’m not enjoying the small things. I’m childishly amused by them.


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  1. I too am lured into the dollar zone lane when I enter Target…some very unique things in there–cool enough to be favors at a little soiree. The ac’s look delish…bringing out the carnivore in us all. Well, AI will be on soon…a pathetic obsession, but then, what would we review at work tomorrow if it weren’t for Simon says!

  2. Everything looks grand in the dollar section at target!! xoxo

  3. Now you can each have your own bag of animal crackers! How cute!

    Oh good grief I LOVE the dollar section. You have no idea how excited I get when the $1 section goes 75% off.

  4. And we have the infant cpr kit no matter what she eats!!!!! Now she can get the big ones anyday!!! lol

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