Ode to Pink

Back into the woods for more fun…
I’m on a crafty kick right now, sewing flower headbands and attaching big bows to her shirts. She needs a little hot pink beret in this picture. Oh, but look! One handed stand! She could take the gold in the Baby Big Girl Olympics!


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  1. I LOVE the outdoor pictures! She looks like a woodland fairy! The bow on her shirt is the PERFECT accessory! She looks like such a big girl, she gets a 10!

  2. And to think, somewhere out there, her little husband is crawling…toward her. Isn’t life a mystical and amazing thing?!!! She looks so proud of herself standing there. Tell her to slow down, we’re not done with her little today!

  3. She is a flower fairy! You should make a flower fairy calendar in different colored tutus to go with the months. (And chubs Rennie in a pumpkin tutu for October)

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