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  1. omg, are those your ankles? Did you photoshop them?? Those are the most beautiful ankles and shoes…and then the baby!!?? I think I’m so focused on the ankles bc mine are “cankles” right now and look like I have 2 sprained ankles!! LOL!! OH MY BLUE! AND IN ONE SHOT?? What is going on over there? First the woods, then the cover and now this? U keep topping YOURSELF!!! All in one day! WOW!

  2. Her eyes are amazingly blue in this shot! Did you use a tripod or bend over and snap…I’m hoping you bent over because the visual of that with the camera upside down and your hair everywhere is too funny.

    Ok and seriously you must have THE MOST cooperative baby in the world. Jonah would have been all over eating the white fur and climbing up the paisley background.

  3. AWESOME! you COULD NOT ask for a better look on the lainster’s face!!!

  4. I printed this at work, Kelle, and all my nurse friends said your legs and ankles were beautiful…they said, “If it were my legs, you could title it BABY BETWEEN TWO TREES! She is Blue Man Cool here…and everywhere. I love her oodles!

  5. I love the blue, I love the jean jacket, I love your tan, thin, fit ankles, I love her eyes, I love her gaping mouth…….but my favorite part is her tiny little left foot schmooshed against your grown up ladylike high heeled shoe. Daughterand Mommy…Mommy and Daughter…side by side…and ONE.

    I adore this picture. And I love you both!

  6. OMG OMG OMG. “I Will Fix You” just began to play on your blog. Tears welling. Chills confirmed.

    I love you for playing that song. I needed that tonight.

  7. That just gave me chills, Jennygirl. And teared my eyes up too…just your comment. I love you, sister.

  8. Gorgeous blue! I want you to do one for me!!! Photo shoot, dahling!

  9. do you see me? huh? do ya? do ya?

  10. peekaboo!

  11. The only blue one might add to that picture is…vericose veins! Great photo–regardless of it’s not being selected for SPC! It’s my favorite.

  12. I just want to know what else you’re wearing in this adorable photo. I have a mental picture of what would have happened in my house: a natty robe hiked up, my hair in a greasy pony tail, and dishes in the sink. All tucked out of the way so the picture looked perfect! But I’m sure you were decked out in a gorgeous silk suit right?

  13. Wow, this is a beautiful photo of both of you! Your daughter’s eyes are incredible.

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