SPC: [Blue, Week 4], Ink on My Fingers

I believe in writing letters–not e-mails, not texts–but hand-written letters.
I believe in fine stationery.
I believe in a good “muddy” gel pen with ink that slides onto paper like butter.
I believe in asking “Are there any cuter stamps than this?” at the post office.
I believe in searching for the perfect address label.
I believe in decorating the envelope with colored pencils.
I believe in “extra postage required.”
I believe in teaching children to write a proper “Thank You.”
I believe in “Love,” over “Best Regards,”
I believe in Ink on My Fingers.

For delicious stationery, click here.
To splurge on fun stamps, click here.

For more on Self Portrait Challenge, click here.


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  1. I certainly hope that is MY name under your hand! =) Love this post.

  2. I have to use “best regards” on all my work emails and it always feels so impersonal. It also makes me feel grown up and old.

  3. A well written letter is the evidence of true social grace. Through it’s selection of words one can be moved to tears or thrilled with joy. It is how one expressed gratitude for hospitality, extends an embrace to a struggling friend or marks a moment on a fellow sojourner’s earthly pathway. And it begins with the envelope and ends with the signature. I am thrilled you know this, Kelle. Put stationary on Lainey’s list.

  4. What a lovely post.

    And your little one has the most darling face for photo stamps :)

  5. Dad, she DOES have her own stationery! It just came in the mail this week in a gold box, wrapped in tissue, and it is DIVINITY to see her little name on her own stationery! Now, when she gets a gift, she can send her own thanks….in baby talk!

  6. love your post…just finished perusing the fine stationery. the little bicycle ones are the bomb.

    best regards,

    I mean…love, much much love,


  7. I have to say…whenever I see your name on the return label, I get goosebumps. The anticipation for what new, interesting little detail you have added makes my heart smile! I love that you will be passing that gift along!

  8. I was going to leave a comment in all-text-message-speak (i.e. lol, ttfn), but I don’t know it well enough, haha! I love handwritten letters too!!

  9. i love this. i too believe in writing letters and sticking them with a stamp. i get my hands dirty several times a week…

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