SPC [Blue]. Week Two.

The first time I wore it was the night she was born. I bought it special for that day…searched for weeks until I found the perfect one. I like the way the lace pleats into layers of pretty folds. I like the way the cotton feels when I slip it on straight from the warm dryer. I like the way the lace straps hug my collarbones. I like the way I think of that heavenly night every time I wear it. It’s my ‘new mommy’ nightgown, it’s blue, and it’s my favorite.
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  1. OMG! You look so cozy! Especially on this rainy day!! What an amazing memory you have about such a special day in your life!!

  2. What a pretty nightie!

  3. very pretty…

    I wish I had that glam…my sleeping attire is always Jason’s old T’s and some comfy sweats…

    boo hoo for me…

  4. beautiful!

  5. It looks almost too pretty to wear. Having something to remind you of a special day is a great idea.

  6. WOO HOO!!!!! Congrats on making the site!! Hey everyone…Kelle’s on the SPC site!! check it out!!

  7. where did you get this? I’m dying to know b/c I’m looking for the perfect hospital stay nightgown for my baby’s June birth.

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