Signs of Spring in Our Home:
-the peeps have arrived (and mine are unwrapped and waiting on top of the refrigerator while they come to a proper “crisp”)
-bunny hats on babies
-fresh tulips on the coffee table
-unveiling the Easter kitchen towels and rug
-replacing the black toss pillows with the floral ones…they make me smile


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  1. aww, what a sweet bunny!

    i need to get some spring inspired things put out. its so NOT spring in Michigan! i should start spring cleaning now so that when spring does finally arrive i can spend it outside…landscaping.

  2. I need to see more of LL in that hat!!!! OMG!

  3. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me a big basket of Lainey…and Brandyn…and Austyn too. Enjoy this season that celebrates life and hope and love! And with that, I will say I love you!

  4. Signs of spring at our house: We are now completely out of the salt we use to try to keep the sidewalks clear. There are more yellow spots on the snowbanks than we can count…thank you dogs. The neighbors respond to my “Good mornings” with obscene hand gestures and sneers. Instead of peeps and perky bunny hats, we’re buying Prozac and cheap Vodka. Ahhh…February in Michigan. But your kitchen rug is sure perky!

  5. oh, to live in a place where it is forever spring/summer!

    so jealous!

  6. Kudos on a perfect use of “hath.” LOVE those pillows, kinda want to eat them. They look like they’d taste like chocolate and raspberries.

  7. I love that hat!!! And those tulips are beautiful! I want to come visit you guys and eat cruchy peeps :)

  8. um, we’re getting 3 MORE inches of snow today. I’m just trying to remember what spring smells like. Seems so far away!

  9. You’ve inspired me to get out my spring things. As soon as the rugrats leave for the weekend I’ll get the box out of the basement. (That song, Baby of mine, makes me cry every time!)Al dente peeps, YUM!

  10. Dad/Poppa says:

    We had a hat like that for you, Kelle, but instead of ears, they were horns. Hey, maybe it wasn’t a hat?!

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