Things that make you go “Mmmmm”….

“Mmmmmmm….” as in “Mmmmmm….Yummy Baby!”

She loves Mommy’s piggies! Tries to eat them!
Two old ladies we’ve never met were standing behind me gushing… I think she knew they were gushing about her.
And the best for last:


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  1. WOW!! THESE PICTURES ARE SO TONYA JOY OF YOU!! Especially that last one! Where are you?

  2. In someone’s freakin’ yard! A stranger! Downtown…on a little alley a little ways off the beach! It’s a wonder we didn’t get arrested for trespassing!

  3. YOU DID GREAT!!! LOVE this one!!!

  4. EDIBLE!

  5. she looks so much like YOU!

  6. I would love a big basket of Lainey Love…you finally have your live Flat Stanley…only she isn’t flat! Speaking of which, Kelle–have you found someone’s Flat Stanley yet…keep looking!

  7. Oh no you dih-ent, Dad!!! We DON’T talk about Flat Stanley. Ever.

  8. The perfect Easter Basket surprise!

  9. Oh that last photo is amazing.

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