Today, I Just Feel…

…thankful. For happiness…for her health…for life being so much fun every day…for friends…for my family…for my hubby who held my hand today while we pushed the stroller around the neighborhood. I love these pictures. Smiling tonight…an ordinary day, but to me, nothing’s ordinary.


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  1. Holy Paisley, she is adorable!!! She looks so geeked, like she is really into life now. I can’t wait to get my hands on her again.

  2. OK, I just looked more at this precious baby of ours…and the song “In My Arms” played–from your repertoire…and I sat here sobbing. What a beautiful song…if others haven’t heard it…go to the bottom of the site and find it on the list and click on it. Our sweet blue eyed baby!

  3. she is BEAUTIFUL! The blue in the background brings out her bright eyes! And I can’t believe how BLONDE she looks! I love these!

  4. That blue paisley is incredible!! Where are you? Her beauty gets brighter and brighter! She has so much spirit in her eyes!!

  5. I love the music at the bottom of your page. As previous commenter “poppa” suggested I listed to “In my arms” and it just so happened that Jonah was “in my arms”. It made me feel so grateful to have him and so special that I get to be his mommy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. She is growing up to be such a BIG GIRL! Just when I think she can’t getting any more beautiful, SHE DOES!!! I love the blue paisley! :o)

  7. Speechless! And that first one looks like she’s in the middle of a conversation – love it! Does she have a little freckle or mole next to her nose? Brooklyn has one in that same spot but on her left side! Maybe it’s a Cryderman thing! :)

  8. That song “In My Arms” came out on the radio right about the time our Lainey Love was born. I searched everywhere trying to buy the album, but wasn’t released for a few more months. Love that song!!

  9. WHERE did you get this background??? I want it. I want Lainey.

  10. Wait….is that a little freckle to the right of her nose??? How precious! I want to kiss it. I love you, Lainey!

  11. Ha. It’s not a cute litte freckle. It’s a scab. She scratched herself. I cut her nails twice a week, too!

  12. Rennie has those all over her eyelids from her intense demonstrations of tiredness!

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