Baby Buddies

So she’s young, but I love the idea of baby buddies… friends she can grow up with, and I’m lucky to have girlfriends that are all having babies within a couple year span…so in the end, there will be a nice baby slew. Oh, a Baby Slew…could it get any better? That’s gunna be my heaven. God’s gunna point to a rocking chair in a monstrous nursery full of babies, and he’s gunna say, “It’s all yours.”

Here’s a sweet, girly pic from our day today which included a real picnic at the park and a trip downtown where we found this cute little gazebo. We were joined by our almost-2-year-old friend Baylee who, at one point today, leaned over, smiled and said to Lainey…”You’re cute.” Hello. Profound. Baylee, you indeed are brilliant.

And, plunkin’ away at another page. These pics have always been some of my favorites….my little heartstring. And that string just grows stronger and stronger every day! I still look at her every day and think, “Is she really mine? Forever?” ‘Tis true!

My Heartstring


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  1. I enlarged the picture and read what you wrote to sweet Lainey Love! OMG! Tears! Beautiful! Profound! Exactly what’s in your heart! You are amazing! I still want a DNA test run to see what is running through your veins bc it’s out of this world!!
    xoxoxoxoxo time infinite!!

  2. wow, that layout is fantastic! I love it!

  3. lainey looks like nella in these pics. both adorable! <3

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