Baby Vogue

Mom thinks I look cute today. Sportin’ my bling too…my silver locket necklace from Aunt Joann and my bangle bracelet from Janie. (Don’t tell anyone, but I have a boys’ shirt on too! I made it fierce though). As Daddy was walking out to work this morning, he yelled to Mommy, “By the way…nice job on her outfit today. She looks adorable.” My daddy’s pretty sweet. He always notices my clothes. He said to Mommy the other night, “I can’t believe that girl there is my daughter.” If you think my outside is cute…you should see my inside! I gots a cute, cute heart!Check out my legwarmers…they’re really girls’ socks Mommy got at Walmart for $1.50!!!

Snip-snip on the toes and Voila! Baby Fashion!


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  1. OK, the baby is getting her little girl face on! Adorable…love the outfit…boy shirt looks great. The bling is so Kelle…can’t wait to see her in person and hear her say Poppa!!!

  2. SOOO cute! Love the accessories! The legs warmers are dynamite! Talk about ingenious…way to go, Kelle! :o)

  3. Pssst. LL. I agree with your mommy. You are one cool chick!! Cute from the inside out!! xoxo

  4. Lainey – you are such a trend setter, I want to be chic like you!

    You wore a boys shirt and Jonah wore a dress…hmm.

  5. totally digging the gettup.

    and your use of the word fierce.


  6. Nothing’s cuter than baby-in-bling! Well, except maybe those leg warmers, or that headband, or that fierce outfit….or her heart. That’s the sweetest, because as you know, love wins.

  7. I want to be like you when I grow up.
    I have afeeling my mommy’s going to look for some girlsocks today…and some baby bling…

  8. I need style tips from Lainey!
    I finally had a chance to watch your videos last night – they are amazing!

  9. She is so friggin’ CUTE!!!!!!!!!

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