Daddy’s Fish

Hey, Look what my daddy caught tonight! He took Brandyn to the lake across the street and knocked on the door five minutes later with this catch! Check out how I’m lookin’ at it. I reached out and touched it too…and then smiled! Mommy had to wash my hands. Next time, he promises to take me in the Baby Bjorn when he goes fishin’ so I can watch him reel it in…maybe he’ll even let me help and give me credit for catching it!And, here’s just one of me being cute. My new favorite thing to do is to sit at the front door and play with the dog leashes.P.S. Did anyone watch Dateline last night-the story of the two girls that were mistakingly identified? I DVR’d it and started watching it tonight while I rocked Lainey to sleep. Lainey fell asleep five minutes into it, but by then I was already crying…I held her through the whole two hours of it and convulsively cried the whole time…the ugly cry. My head and neck hurt so bad from crying.


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  1. What a fish!!! Daddy looks so proud…of both “keepers” he holds. Great job, Brettles! Love out to ma’ girl too. G’nite. No more sad shows…I saw it too and sobbed through it. Incredible tragedy!

  2. Good Grief! That’s SOME fish! So being a good wife, did YOU skin it and then fry it up good?

    I didn’t see Dateline and from what you and your dad say I don’t think I’m too keen on watching it. Ummm…Convulsively sobbing is not my idea of a good time…

  3. I watched Dateline, Kel…everyone had gone to sleep already, and I just sat there alone in horror. Sobbing mess. Ugly cry too. I cried for all sorts of different, conflicting reasons. The thought of going through the journey of either family is truly beyond comprehension. Makes me want to hug my babies closer and never let them go!!

  4. Wow, Brett is a good fisherman! Lainey looks so cute in all of those pictures!
    Was the TV show about those girls from Grand Rapids? My parents know one of the families pretty well. I remember when it happened, it was so shocking and terribly sad!

  5. Holy fish batman!

    The Dateline was a repeat and I couldn’t bear to watch it again! D&I turned it off as soon as we remembered that awful story!! HEARTBREAKING to the core of your heart!!

  6. In the dateline story…I cannot imagine the feelings of the family who had stood by the broken body of a person they thought was their daughter…and slowly to see little things too different to explain and their hopes and dreams began to unravel and they had to exchange places with the family who had buried their daughter…to think both daughters had the wrong families standing by the hospital bed and by the casket…I was so touched to see these two families are now deeply connected and deeply faithful. Whew…it really does rip your heart out. The book must be awesome…if you want your heart ripped out. I think I agree with Tisha–protect yourself.

  7. yes, stories like that make you want to hug your babies and never let go. I think I will go do that right now.


    signing off to go sit and watch nancy drew with the babes.

  8. OMG!!! I was going to DVR it and I forgot…can I come over and watch it with you?

  9. She has him wrapped around her little finger :) that is one loved baby!

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