Enjoying the Small Things

Started with going to lunch with friends (and Lainey’s boyfriend, A.J.–funny how babies love other babies!) because all my teacher friends have this week off!

Ended up back home where we played outside. This girl loves grass! I just love to watch her…my little sunshine. Everyday’s a good day when she’s around.
Tonight’s agenda: homemade chocolate chip cookies and a movie at home with Daddy and Cubby. Life is good.

Sneakin’ in a cute pic of A.J.:


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  1. boootiful says:

    Precious girl!

  2. They look like they could be brother and sister!!! xoxo

  3. Be careful of those aerial shots of Lainey…I think her cleavage is showing! What cute kids…isn’t it strange to know her husband is probably out there somewhere…crawling, walking…hey, if she is like her mother, he is probably in the sixth grade! Wouldn’t have picked any one else, Brettles! Honest! Love to u all and to Austyn and Brandyn.

  4. laughing at poppa’s comment.

    i love her bracelet, she’s too cute!

  5. Sweet pics! Love LL’s outfit & bow in her hair! Look at her blond hair! :o)

  6. Aj’s a cutie! Love the last one of LL

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