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Finished the front cover of her book….still have some pages to go. It’s after midnight, and that’s when I can do this now because her naps this week have been so short, and I think it’s because she has a stuffy nose that wakes her up. She has NEVER been sick and I’m still not qualifying this as sick because the doctor said not to bring her in, she’s fine, could be teething related, etc. Anyway…with her awake more, I get less done, but that’s just fine by me because I love to be with her. So, here’s the front cover:

Front Cover First Year Book

And another page…I know I repeated the pic on the cover, but that might very well be my favorite shot of her. Top 5 at least. And the pics on this page…oh, my heart aches! I love these pics and almost didn’t want to put them in so as not to “cheapen” them with scrabooking tchotchke…so I kept it simple. That face! That baby! She’s growing too fast!!!

8 Months


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  1. WOW! I think my computer just crashed from cute-ness overload! wowowowowowowowowowow! You leave me speechless everytime!! xoxo

  2. Aww poor stuffy baby. Have you tried propping up her crib? I stuffed a boppy under one side of Jonahs mattress so that he sleeps on an incline. He does still move around alot but I think it helps the stuffy nose.

    Love love love her layouts! You could probably publish it as a coffee table book! ha! you could sell them to family for her college fund!

  3. oh, these are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I love it simple like this!! Precious!

  4. Home run Kelle! I don’t think I even finished the baby book I bought for Parker. You know, the fill in the blank kind. You put me to shame.

  5. What a cute kiddo you have. The little noses saline drops work great for bug…we have dry, stuffy nose weather here in Montana! She doesn’t like it much but it is sure better than the freakin’ bulb suction!

  6. Your pages are INCREDIBLE!! You are creating SUCH a momento of a lifetime for her.

    She will treasure that book forever. I picture it on display at her wedding, for example. I’m just sayin’. :)

    YOU ROCK as a Mommy!!!

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