Halfway Point

10 Pages Folks…it’s a 20 page layout, so I’m halfway through for the First Birthday Book. I got it down to a science now on how to whip through these things really fast. Thanks to Kelly’s organization on digital scrapbook files, I’m flyin’. (For all these free digi goodies, check out the slew of links on Kelly’s blog not to mention a great reason to read it right now is there will be a HUGE update soon and amazing pictures when this baby finally arrives: http://www.babyhutcheson.blogspot.com/)

Anyhoo…three more pages. It hurts my heart to look at the teeny tiners ones. Oh, she was so little! I can still feel her tiny diapered butt in my arms! I miss it! I’m getting serious, serious baby fever again. But I’s still loves my one baby for now!

Two Month Memories

And Christmas:
First Christmas Page One
First Christmas Page Two


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  1. Hey- your pictures are so AWESOME! Is that a cocker puppy one of the boys is holding?

  2. Hi Beth! Long time, no see! Loved your Christmas card pic. Thanks for the comment. Wish she was a cocker…it’s a mutt. But a sweet one.

  3. I love how you are hopping around to all her different ages bc it reminds me of how much she’s grown, but is still the same little newborn you took home almost a year ago!! WOW! I feel like I’m going back in a time machine!

  4. Each of your layouts is better than the last…where do I find Kelly’s secret organization system?

  5. Your pages look great! I am so old-fashioned and can’t seem to jump into the digital world of scrapbooking…I still spend hours doing it all by hand. Maybe someday your inspiration will get me going that direction.

  6. I hope you get this – I have started at the beginning of your blog and I’m reading through it, post by post. I was just wondering what digital scrapbooking software you use? Also, my blog is not as fancy as yours but feel free to check it out — http://www.wickedlycoolblog.blogspot.com

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