I’ll Take Easter and Other Holidays for $400, Alex

Warning: Long Post about Nothing in Particular
I have a confession. I HEART holidays big time. Heart them in a giddy jump-up-and-down annoying Hallmark kind of way. I get excited when Target clears out those back three aisles for the next holiday’s tchotchke about to be displayed. I love that an ordinary day is turned into something better, and of course love any excuse to dress up a cute baby and send holiday cards. (Hmmmm….what should she wear for her Veteren’s Day photo this year?) So, Easter is no exception, and I love everything…the eggs, the church outfits, the pastel kitchen towels, the ham dinner. I love pretending the Easter Bunny is going to come to our house in front of the boys even though my excessive enthusiasm is met with rolled eyes by all. Okay, Lainey appreciates it. My goal is that at the end of my life, my tombstone will read one thing: “She made it special.”

Our “special” included lots from last night’s egg decorating to today’s family day, but my favorites (in no particular order) are:

1) The way Lainey abandoned her perfectly decorated Easter basket I slaved over this morning for something apparently better…a cardboard shoebox

2) When the boys and I shook in our pews with laughter when we saw an old lady walk into church late this morning (apparently mistaking the contemporary service for the conservative one) right when the band was seriously “rocking it out” and the horrored look on her face that clearly said “This place has gone to hell.”

3) Trying to teach Lainey how to write with the sidewalk chalk the Easter bunny brought her

4) Watching Austyn carry Lainey into church without being asked–he just took her out of her carseat and walked with her. So cute.

5.) Going to church. I still like the Church of the Holy Beach, but I miss the real thing too. On list of “Things We Need to Do More” (underneath “Laundry,” of course)

Snapshots of our “Special”

Decorating Eggs
Easter Eggs
Lainey in Her Easter Dress
Easter Dress

Family Easter Shot

Mommy and her Easter Baby

Mama and her Easter Girl

And, Creating a Masterpiece with Sidewalk Chalk later today…

Fun With Sidewalk Chalk

Almost Done…

Making a Masterpiece

THERE!! All Done! Wow….you’re brilliant, Lainey!


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  1. WOW! LL has really come a long way with her writing! I’m so impressed! It’s like when Bubby drew the train track at age 2!! What a special day and you have such a way of capturing it on film! wow. xoxo

  2. What a nice day! Very cute! Love the Easter dress on LL! Love the pics!

  3. I love reading about your holiday madness, I mean, enthusiasm. I’m sure that although you get the eye rolls they enjoy every minute of it and wouldnt have it any other way.

  4. sweet, sweet pics! her dress is exquisite!!

    looks like you guys had so much fun!

  5. I love all the pictures!! I’m glad Lainey had a great first Easter :) I liked your “warning” at the beginning of the post too, hahaha, those are the best kinds of posts though! :)

  6. love it all…the holidays are even more special now because Lainey gets to experience all of them with you.

  7. stopping by again to get another fix of “special”!

  8. love it, love it all! Lainey’s little sun dress was perfect! We wore flannel and wool to tromp through the snow drifts to church!

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