Instrument of Peace

I’m using this post to put my dad up on a pedestal for a moment… because I think anyone who has ever seen him “at work” whether it be a coworker or a patient at “his” hospital (I think that hospital belongs to him) knows that he has a gift for what he does. I worked at Beaumont for four years and know what people think of him. He is amazing…and after 25 years, he continues to inspire all those he works with to make a difference…to remember what they do. That it’s not just a job…it’s helping people–real people–during the most traumatic moments of their lives.

He is part of a leadership conference on Monday for Beaumont’s three hospitals…there will be 800 people there including doctors, nurses, department managers, CEO’s, etc. For his “reflection,” he asked me to do a DVD to this amazing song. The lyrics are so incredibly poignant and inspiring and together, with the photos…well, you’ll just have to see. It’s only three minutes long. If I worked in healthcare, I would watch this and be so inspired to rededicate my career to people…to go the extra mile. (P.S. I snuck a picture of Lainey Love in there…see if you can find her!) The song is amazing…”Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace” by Olivia Newton John.

Oh, and the photo of the man with the dogs? My dad visits him every day…he had just retired and was ready to move up north and ended up in the hospital. He’s in kidney failure and has been very sick. After being down and depressed for days, my dad arranged for his dogs to be brought up to the hospital and brought to his room. Look at his smile! The last photos of the Indian hands held together was a wedding he arranged. The woman was a patient and was very near death…she was going to miss her daughter’s wedding, so my dad along with some other staff arranged a small wedding in the surgical intensive care unit so that the mother could see her daughter get married before she died. He even had the cafeteria make a wedding cake. She died a week later but got to see her daughter get married.

Click this link…there’s three slideshows…it’s the one that says “Beaumont.” Disregard the menu that says “Brian and Natalie”….I forgot to change it from a recent wedding DVD I did!


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  1. Kelle, you have taken the sketch of what I told you I needed, a hundred emails of photographs and a song and made a place where hearts are renewed and passion stirred. Thank you, sweetheart, for your help. Now, what had worried me with the responsibility–I can’t wait for!!! I am so eager to lead these friends and colleagues to the place in the spirit you have created.

  2. WOW! Tears are rolling down my face!! Puddles in my lap! That was incredible! You are talented beyond words!! xoxo

  3. pout, can’t make it work. but lainey and lily’s don’t work either so i’m going to blame the site or my computer.

  4. crap, couldn’t get it to work, either.

    but the post gave me chills without even seeing the proshow!

  5. I am @ work, new it would be amazing! Should’ve known there’d be TEARS! Oh my, I need a kleenex and to fix my eyes before the kiddos come back in the room!

  6. You have to have DVD rom on your computers to have this open…if your pc doesn’t support DVD’s and DVD burning…you can’t open it…sorry!!! She did an awesome job!

  7. Kelle – I am the Indian bride that your Dad supported in June 2007. I love your Dad so much and he helped me through what was a very difficult time for me and my entire family. Please tell him Nina says hello and I hope to see him soon!

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