Because Babies Get Into Twubble Sometime…

Fresh from a bath, that little rascal escaped the shackles of her towel and took off like lightning (the butt naked kind) to get into some baby trouble… …’dat okay…she still my cute widdle baby!


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  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? How funny is that!!!: o) Too cute!

    P.S. – LOVE the Lainster’s outfit today! What a lil “fashionista” she is today!

  2. aww sweet bare baby! love the leg warmers/ crocs combo today!

    i decided crocs on girls – cute
    crocs on baby boys – not as cute

  3. Love the leggings!

  4. oh, those days are so much FUN.

  5. This picture could be in a magazine!!!! love her!!!!

  6. Hahaha, funny baby booty!

  7. OMG I love her little bare tushie.

    And her expression in the second picture…it seems to say “What you gonna do ’bout dis?” LOVE it.

    xoxo jc

  8. those are going to have to be blown up at her sweet sixteen!

  9. bootiful says:

    I could just bite that wittle butt of hers!

  10. AH! Baby legs! I love me some baby legs :)
    And Scarlett used to be OBSESSED with our toilet paper roll dispenser. I can’t even begin to say how much toilet paper we “wasted”. HA! Best use of toilet paper ever.

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