…because she’s still little…right?

I’m not ready yet. A year looms near and all the books say to wean, but I don’t go by the books. I go by her…and me. She’s not ready. She loves her baba…and won’t have anything to do with a sippy cup. I’m gunna miss her baba trance when it’s over.

I’ve entered into the almost-a-year zone, and I spend my days flipping through her baby book, looking at old pictures, and wondering where the time went. A year ago, I was lying on the couch watching the t.v. remote fall off my belly because she kicked so hard. Time, motherhood, babies, love…it’s all so amazing.
Baba Trance


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  1. This past year has really flown by! I can’t believe little Lainey is almost 1. It seems like I was just at your baby shower. Thanks so much for keeping this blog – I feel like I know Lainey so well, even though I haven’t met her in person yet. I can’t wait to see you both in a few weeks!!!

  2. I don’t care what any book says, that’s a surprise!!! I loved watching my toddler laying there looking at me so sweetly drinking their baba!! She can give it up next birthday!!! Thanks for taking me back to a great moment!

  3. one of the things that I love most about your mothering is that you do listen to your heart and lainey’s little cues…forget the books!!!!

  4. I say always go with your heart, gut, instinct…what ever you choose to follow! Mommies ALWAYS seem to know what’s best for their ‘lil puddins’! BOOKS, SCHMOOKS! HAHA! :o) BABA trance….I think I fall into a Lainster trance every time I look at new pics! She is sooo mesmerizing!!! ~XOXO

  5. Kelle,
    You are doing an awesome job, and a wonderful role model to us new mommies. Trust your gut!! Ignore the books!

  6. I know time just flies away when you’re watching your baby grow up. I blinked and my baby boy has hair on his legs and an adam’s apple. And those books are just suggestions, you’ll know when Lainey will be ready for next step. You’ll see the clues. Because you’re you!

  7. All right I have to leave another comment! I love her in this picture! Keep up the great mothering!

  8. WHAT? I had no idea! I want to see that in writing? I’m not ready for her to not have a “baba” either!! I think you’re reading the wrong book. I don’t like your book. lol. xoxo

  9. Mom’s always know best! (Could someone please tell my kids. ha!) Love that pic. Precious.

  10. I agree with Kelly. I don’t like that book either! You told me to ignore the books that talk all about weight gain and growth curves…
    Are you nursing? Or are you talking about weaning off the use of a bottle? What’s the big deal? Everyone is an expert. Including you! Lainey is so stinkin cute.

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