Nothing Less than Post Perfection

Oh that? That picture there? That, my friends is a teaser…more to come at the end. She’s pretty heavenly, isn’t she?

This is post perfection…if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this post is a book–and we’re talking one of those really big books with lots and lots of words–the kind that make people think you’re really, really smart if you’re caught carrying it (and don’t think I haven’t tried lugging one of those around before just to look impressive… you know when you “accidentally” trip and Frederick Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy happens to fall out of your purse right in front of a hot guy? Silly me. How could I be so clumsy.) On to my point. Here’s a TON of pics…all worthy of post perfection and none I could bear not to post. Fun day… my mama, my friends, yummy newborns and my cubby’s cute overload all in one. Sigh. So doesn’t get any better. Yes it does…I miss my sister. She’d make it better…and a couple other of y’all too. Pop some popcorn and enjoy. It’s gunna take a while…there’s like a billion pictures.

Fun day begins with Steph’s baby shower…and, in my opinion pregnant bellies are the new black, the new pink, the new everything. A garbage bag on a pregnant woman outdoes anything Armani has to offer. I miss my belly. Congratulations, Stephy!

Day continues with getting my paws on this sweet slice of heaven, Lily Grace. She is somethin’ else…I love her!P.S. Catching a baby mid yawn for a pic is like bird watching for me. I’ll sit there all day ’till I get it.
Must add…love this pic. Watching my Jennygirl hold her loved-to-pieces neice. xoxoDay follows with Nurse Katie coming over. Katie teaches Mom how to rock out on Guitar Hero which elicits some serious shaking laughter from all who observe. Take it from me…you had to be there.Day continues with dip in the pool with Cute Cubby.
Day interrupted by Cubby making big mess in pantry.

Day moves on. Cubby learning to walk with new walker toy. Yay Cubby!

Day ends with these fun pics. I can’t smoosh those cheeks enough. You may need to restart your computer after these…
I know I gush about her cuteness, but maybe that’s just me being a mom…I’m obsessed with it. What really makes her special though is her sweet, sweet heart, the fact that she is loved so much, and the continual pinch-me-every-day realization that she–this wonderful creature–is ours.

Thankful. Happy. Enjoying the Small Things. ~k
go ahead…scroll back up and have another look. i know you wanna.


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  1. oh for pete’s sake, each pic you take of her she gets cuter and cuter!!! I’m on cute OVERLOAD! Those walker toys are great. Learning to walk is fun and not fun. Fun – he walks! Not so fun – he doesn’t want to be carried, ever!

    and I think I would have paid money to watch your mom play guitar hero!

  2. no she dih-ent. GO MOM. ROCK OUT, BABY.

    love love LOVE these pics of the preshka. the one of her in the pantry is the BOMB. they’re all the BOMB.

    wish I was there!!!

  3. boootiful says:

    What a perfect day! You really are so blessed. Love the pantry one. See if she’ll sit on the door of the dishwasher and ‘help” you. That would be another good photo opp.

  4. I looked more than once!!!! I feel so honored that my little sweetness made it on this beautiful blog! I love to see you with LL!! Magic!! xoxo

  5. PS D and I were reading this together and had a BIG LOL on the birdwatching comment!! LOLOLOL! xoxo

  6. TOO CUTE! Sounds like an incredibly F-U-N day!!

    P.S. ~ Love the pics of your mom playing guitar hero!!

  7. Ohhhh…just did my Sunday afternoon stroll through your blog (going outside, swinging in the hammock, taking a nap, practicing, then coming back to find out if the pictures had loaded with my dial-up – hahah) and it’s all WORTH IT!!! She is bee-you–ti–ful!

  8. I love watching you snap away at your camera, actually being there as some of those pictures were taken…and then watching what you come up with.

    Your talent is genius.

    And she is breathtaking!!

    P.S. Lily’s yawn made me melt. Love her

  9. cutie. I can’t wait for bug to have teeth!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love all the pics that you posted and Lainey is soooooooo cute. I like the last one where she is showing her teeth.
    Allison Hutcheson (Kelly’s neice)

  11. you are amazing with that camera:) Lainey is so beautiful. Loving her lots.

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