Osh Kosh & little red Keds

Taken straight from the pages of my diary. I was sixteen. August 5, 1995:
“Someday, I want a little girl… …and I will dress her in Osh Kosh and little red Keds.”

My Osh Kosh Girl

Baby Bibs

Red Keds

I don’t think I had any idea then just how happy Osh Kosh & Keds would really make me…


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  1. so sweet in her osh kosh and red keds! love the pics. i need to learn how to do those borders with words at the bottom.

  2. Wow!!! Your photography gets better every day!! xoxo

  3. Those shoes are so cute!

  4. I LOVE those pics…they are so great and I love your words. Love you.

  5. What is it about baby booties & ‘lil baby shoes!? They are so ADORABLE!!!! P.S. – love the overalls! Precious!!! :o)

  6. a dream fullfilled…yes!

  7. I love little red tennies, both my girls had them with their Osh kosh too. It made me a little sad,then I remembered I can share shoes with them now. That’s fun too!!

  8. My favorite shot is of the shoes…

    how her feet are postitioned…

    the wet, dark wood planks…

    the green grass in the background…

    the brightness of the red…

    and the contrast of the white fuzzy socks and floppy laces.

    What a precious keepsake picture!!


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