A Sunny Sunday and New Baby Tricks

In a failed search for the Farmer’s Market Sunday morning (it’s open only on Saturdays apparently), we ended up at the Pier to walk and watch the fisherman, equally divine in my opinion. At first, I settled for a shadow picture so as not to disturb anyone to take our photo, but later gave in to a nice man who looked like he wouldn’t run off with my camera. Then, it was a delicious day at Isle of Capri:
…and our new game: Put Latte on a couch cushion and push her around the hallway. Lainey laughs HARD…and looks at us like, “this is really funny, isn’t it?” I am amazed at how far a little creativity goes with this kid.
These next pics were two seconds apart…I love how it starts as a gradual smile and then she’s like, “Oh, alright…I’ll give you a full out cheesy grin.” But, I still like that first one best…I’ll always remember her coy little shy grin. Oh, and apparently old dogs DO do new tricks because, after she hit 3 months old, we passed her nice swing down to Lily Grace so as not to clutter up the house. After 3 months, she was never a swing fan anyway. However, in an attempt at anything to get her to go to sleep yesterday, my mom suggested a swing. “Ha…yeah right, ” I said, but Grandmas usually know what they’re talking about, so I dug up the old back-up swing, cleaned it up, got Cubby all snug, and I kid you not…FIVE minutes later…this is what we found! ..and by “old dog”, I meant the swing not my sweet widdle baby girl. “Old” and “dog” are two things that do NOT define her, thank you.


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  1. perfectly pink…she’s adorable.

  2. WOW! What a fun & busy day, you all had! LL looks so sweet in the lil’ baby swing!!!! Grandmas ROCK!

    I love those sweet pics of LL! Oh her sweet, shy smile just melts me! But, I love that cheesy one is too stinkin’ cute! LOVE HER!!! :o)

  3. SHE.

    You can have your swings back anytime! PYY!!!!

  4. boootiful says:

    Her eyes are so amazing in the first photo with the pink hat. They are so bright and gorgeous!

  5. wish I could have seen her pushing latte around.

    oh, I wish I lived closer to cubby!

  6. So, I think Sunday was the best Sunday in the whole world! I had a blast. I am thanking GOD for the Hampton clan. So glad I got to meet your mommie too. Or should I say…your sisters clone?!?! Ha. Cya soon.

  7. They never stop surprising us!! I LOVE those of her with the pink hat…precious!!!

  8. finding new things to make them laugh is the best, it’s always what you’d least expect.

    as for baby clutter in the house, i think its multiplies. it’s quite amazing. i’m going to rent a storage locker for all the toys and gear he grows out of that we need to save for the next one!

  9. love the last pic of your mom and lainey

  10. Aunt Kris looks gorgeous in that picture with Lainey!!! So content and happy.

  11. Lainey is so pretty, sweet, addictive! LOVE the last pic with Gwamma!!!

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