Why I Love Mornings…

It’s not about the coffee anymore or the way the sun stretches into our living room. It’s not my big white robe or that refreshing feeling that everything is new. Those are good reasons, yes. But, I have new reasons why I love mornings. I love…

…the way she’s not ready to give up her blankie yet ‘cuz she’s still a little sleepy…the way her bed head makes me smile …the way she goes into her food trance when she’s eating her scrambled eggs…the way her socks–at least one of them–always find a way of falling off in the night…the way her pudgy little fingers shove breakfast into that precious little mouth
Mornings are so delicious now.


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  1. LOVE the bed head! you are so lucky she has enough hair to DO bed head!

    pudgy fingers shoving in food are my favourite.

  2. Aw I love her chubby little feet :)

  3. I love the last pic!!! There’s just something about it. Is it her cute little fingers!? Bed head…LL has bed head! Awww, LL you probably one of the only ones who can wake up w/ bed head and look so stinkin’ cute! :o)

  4. oh mornings are the best. I totally agree.

  5. This picture….the last one….I can’t even tell you what it does to me….every time i look at it….so many memories….thanks so much….

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