…and as for Cubby

All I can say is we are so happy to be home…despite having such a splendid time. She was so out of sorts, and although I know it’s so good for babies to go with the flow, I felt guilty for her being so out of her element, shlepped around and overstimulated. Our home reunion tonight was precious…smiled so big when she saw Brett, and then all night long just loved on him. And when it was time to go to bed, I went to take her, and she locked her arms around his neck and cried. We both got teary and decided to lay in bed together with her.
Cubby in Michigan
Tell me how cool this kid is…
Cool Cubby


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  1. Look at her…she is super cool!
    Love how she wrapped her arms around Brett’s neck…she missed her daddy lots…specical times these are:)


  3. Love that she loves her daddy – that is so sweet. I’m glad she’s feeling better. Her was a good girly for all the different things she “experienced” over the weekend.

    SO cool on the orange and yellow wall! Loved the time we got to hang out!

  4. The last time I saw little Lainey this past weekend, she was wearing pink tights and rufflebutt panties. Now, with the last photograph, I can only assume my youngest grandaughter has pledged with a gang and is checking to see if the coast is clear to spray some grafiti on that yellow wall…is she a Crip? When does she get her bandana? Gang Schmang–I still love her!

  5. welcome home girls!

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