back to normalcy

no more shlepping. no more craziness. we’re back to normalcy–me and you, girl. i love to watch you in this new toddler phase…the wonder, the learning, the becoming-who-you-are.

we played with crayons today…mommy wants you to be an artist because being creative and artistic has brought me so much joy and always makes me happy…i want you to have that too. but, i think you’re a little young yet…cuz you ate the crayons.


so we switched to puzzles…and i was amazed watching the little “cogs” in your brain turn…you figured out which shapes fit and which shapes didn’t. but then you ate the shapes too. that’s okay. you are an explorer…and you can figure this stuff out however you want to.



p.s. no pressure on the walking…i like my crawling cubby. and daddy says he’ll be sad when you quit doing that thing where you think you’re cool and do the speedy crawl.


p.p.s. did i tell you i love you today? i think i did…but just once more…i love you.

love, mommy

oh, i forgot to tell you…your eyes are going greeny on me. i thought a blue-eyed baby would be divine, but never thought i’d get one. green-eyed? now, that was just too good to be true, so i didn’t even let myself get that dreamy. whadya know…i got me a green-eyed baby. you’s beautiful, cubby…but that’s not why i love you.


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  1. She is blossoming right before our eyes!! I love watching her grow into toddlerhood! I love the way you love her. I love… love.

  2. i love that dress she’s wearing! that is so cute! :)

  3. kudos on “shlepping”.

    carolyn just said it yesterday.

    I think I may use it tomorrow.

    Yes, I think I will.

  4. hers looks so much happier, more content. :) i loves lainey love!

  5. I love the greeny-hazely eyes…mystique! We need to come up with a name for the color, like rivermoss green or dusky green. But those eyes are just drinking deeply from the parade before her. Can’t wait until next weekend when she stays with me all weekend…it could happen!

  6. She is so stunning…u have a stunning baby. Inside and out:)

  7. Miss you!

  8. She definitely looks like a toddler! WOW! She is growing up right before our eyes! You are SUCH a GOOD MOMMY! I love the crayons and puzzles…cute shots!

    P.S. – that dress! Oh, where did you get that dress!? LOOOVE IT! :o)

  9. I love the “half-crawl” she does, where she uses one knee and one foot…like the could stand up if she wanted to, but then again, she chooses to walk. She will walk soon enough, and when she does, I’ll bet she will be running…right out to Dillards for a sale or Baby Gap…she is going to run you into the poor house, I am sure.

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