From Michigan

We’re in Michigan until Monday…but had to send a little love. Here we are at Papa’s house. We’ll have A LOT of pics when we come home…we’re taking pics tomorrow and then my sister and I are photographing my cousin’s wedding on Sunday…Lainey’s first wedding! Hmmm…wonder what she’s gunna wear…like I didn’t already have it planned out forever ago!

On a different note…after getting caught up in Lainey’s birthday, I had forgotten until yesterday morning when I woke up before dawn from a very vivid dream. A dream that we were back in the hospital…cuz that’s where we were this time last year, and I never ever want to forget how thankful we are that everything turned out okay.


This is how Lainey spent her first 12 days of life and we basically were carried emotionally by our friends and family. I’ll never forget how scared we were. They didn’t have answers. We prayed. We waited. I think every year in the weeks after her birthday, I will be extra thankful…to God because I must have prayed a million “If you fix her I will (fill-in-the-blank)” as one possibly can…to our friends and family who became more dear to us during that time than they could ever know…and to her. Just looking at her, holding her today thinking of how I felt holding her a year ago…how far we’ve come.


So…with all that said, I’m SO enjoying the small things today.


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  1. OH, I remember so well hearing the updates daily and feeling your pain across the miles. Wish we could have been there to hug you, but I know you felt our prayers and love anyway. Celebrating a healthy baby turned one tonight!!!

    Awww, Just noticed in the last picture, her little, taped, IV arm. SO sad!

  2. That picture with her under the lights gets to me each time i see it! He was listening Kelle-Lainey is beautiful, happy, and most importantly-HEALTHY!!!!love her & you. have a great time in MI!

  3. Oh Gosh, that lil doodlebug! Just looking at those pics brings back a flood gate of emotions! BUT, just look at Lainey Love NOW! What a HAPPY,HEALTHY, FUNNY, BEAUTIFUL ‘lil girl she has become. YIKES…I said ‘lil girl! Oh how quickly they GROW! xoxo

  4. Met the little Love tonight for reals! She couldnt be cuter, Love her! She and Jonah B. played and had fun. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  5. That seems like 10 years ago when that happened and even then it’s like a distant memory! I can’t believe that was happening this time last year!! She’s such a celebration of love and hope! Love you both and hurry home…it’s not the same when you’re in MI!! xoxo

  6. I remember that – I’m SO thankful too that Lainey is such a happy, healthy girl now. And in that second picture, she really looks more like a little girl toddler than a baby – crazy! I’m glad you guys made it safely to Michigan and I can’t wait to see you!!!

  7. I remember praying for Lainey….I also remember the update from Carin that everything was all good!! That had to be scary times, she sure looks healthy and beautiful now! Wish I could meet her, but I know you guys have a busy weekend….maybe next time! Have a Great weekend with your family!!!

  8. Geez, that picture is…I can’t even explain. It seems like forever ago that we would wait for daily updates and pray every second for answers and Lainey to be ok. And look at her now, more gorgeous than ever living life to the fullest. Gotta love her. Glad you’re having fun in Michigan.

  9. Can’t wait to hear (and see) about your trip. Wow…those pictures feel like a lifetime ago.

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