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  1. Tell me you photo shopped those pictures!!!?? OMG! That is the funniest thing ever!!! I’m coming over tomorrow at 7:14 just to see it for myself!! omg.

  2. It looks like those kids who put there hands on one of those instruments that creates static electricity…or like you have her pacifier plugged in to 220 volts or something…too funny…but also, too cute!!!

  3. Just spent a tear-jerked 20 minutes looking at all the pics from my parents’ house (high-speed)….love love love love love love love them!!!

    and you!!!

  4. bootiful says:

    So funny. Even with bed head she’s adorable!!!

  5. I told you she’s angelic – it’s her halo!!

  6. HAHAHA-that is so cute!

  7. haaaa hahaa Cubby Einstein !

  8. She’s ELECTRIFYING!!! :o)

  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! THAT IS TOOOOOO HILARIOUS! Do you just die of laughter every morning when she wakes up? :) That is sooooo funny! Our kids have crazy hair sometimes when they wake up too. Usually, Cole, because of the texture of his hair. We always sing “Your hair is everywhere! Screaming infidelities…” he gets a big smile from that. I can’t think of the name of the song or who sings it right now, but I’m sure you know what song I mean. :)

  10. This photo is so precious. It is so full of that childhood essence. I love it!

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