Music is a Language…

It’s not often a new song that comes out just rocks me to the core…I find myself hating pop culture music more and more and searching for the unknowns…but this new song…Rocks. My. World. Coldplay’s back, baby…loud and strong. Vivalavida!!! Seriously, I hear this song and I wanna go grand-theft-auto a tiny red convertible, find a stretch of palm-tree-ed speckled highway, crank up the volume…and drive. Hair in the wind. I feel like I’m in highschool again…and that’s sayin’ a lot for a sheltered homeschooled girl. But I won’t go stealin’ any cars…promise. (Emma…I picture you in the orchestra in the intro…your long brown curls whipping back and forth as your bow dances across your violin). Note to Self….play violin in next life.

Gotta go…music calls…(leaving room shakin’ it’ in my jammies…can you blow lap top speakers?)
“Dance with me, Lainey! Dance with yo’ mama!”
..enjoying the small things…like music.


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  1. Check out Vampire Weekend, the song is M79. You will love it! And yes, note to future life Kelle, play the violin.

  2. You might like The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by the Flaming Lips, too. That’s it. I’m making you a mix.

  3. great song!

  4. Lover of life, you inspire me! This song brought joy to my day, thanks!

    (I love Coldplay too, they remind me of U2’s sound and U2’s my alltime fave!)

  5. COLDPLAY ROCKS my world too! I will check it out…

  6. just coming back for more family…

    oh, what love.

  7. love, love, love coldplay…and to think they have english accents when they just talk…yummy!

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