This One’s for Emma


My dear cousin, Emma…who proves that women can have it all. She’s going to law school full time and also full time mommy to this precious baby, Lainey’s “wombmate”. I will always enjoy our memories of being pregnant together!

Our Sweet Rennie-kins! Loved kissin’ your cute widdle chubbins this weekend!


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  1. OK, LAUGH/CRYING!!! Laughing because I was just secretly thinking to myself that as much as I adore my sister, there is a selfish part of me that was about to ask you for an entire post dedicated to ME, heck, why not pull out some of MY wedding photos, yes, because mE ME ME that’s what this is all about… haa and you must have read my egocentric little mind!

    Crying because Rennie is a baby in a grown-up’s world and I can see the change in her after spending time with her Cubby and other cousins. She looked around this morning at her proper surroundings, all very educational and stimulating, yes, but not a kid in sight. She was seriously wondering where all the babies went. She tried to crawl after seeing Lainey do it, and I haven’t washed her PJs because they still smell like LL’s grabs and hugs. Darn it if you didn’t live closer…

  2. LOVE these!

  3. kelle, it looks like you’re getting as much done around the house as I am…I was getting ready to check your blog again and thought, “oh, I’m sure she hasn’t posted…she said she has tons to do around the house.”

    and then I came to my senses.

    put down my laundry basket.

    and checked your blog.

  4. Laughing out loud. I am juggling fifteen billion things. I wash one dish and then tell myself I’ll just edit “one more picture.” It’s just that this weekend was so much fun…I want to keep coming back to it…to look at these pics and be reminded just how fabulous my family is and how much I miss them. And yet my overflowing, dirty clothes suitcase awaits.

  5. Maybe you can dump the WHOLE suitcase into the wash machine.

    Actually I’ve been meaning to let you know how I manage my laundry. 4 baskets in my closet- towels, whites, colors, darks, and jonah. Whenever 1 gets full thats the sign to wash it, no sorting, just dump and wash. Now I admit, although that gets it washed it does not get it folded and put away. At least its clean!

  6. love how you love your family!

  7. I feel like I was there with your photos! I can’t imagine you and Carin taking pictures at the same wedding and not falling over each other from laughing so hard!

    You have such a special family all the way around! It’s like you have to be extra magical to be in the Cryderman, etc clan.

    Glad you’re home because it felt as if you were away for a month!!

  8. these pics are great! Emma, your baby is precious! C & K-i love how you two interact, so funny and sweet! xoxo

  9. more importantly than laundry – your niece is such a cutie pie! That family pic should be on your photography website!

  10. I had the same thought as Carin, surely you wouldn’t have had time to post again. But then I just had to check. You’re right, it was a magical family time. And thanks to all the pictures, our memories will stay strong.

  11. I could just eat Rennie up – she is beauty and perfection and I want to squeeze her!

    Just finished talking with my parents about how beautiful Emma was in the wedding – when she turned around to see Rennie back in the pew – wow!! Gorgeous. And we all want to know how she did her hair!!!

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