Wedded Bliss, Family Bliss…and Home Bliss

Back from Michigan and seriously basking in love and family and wonderful memories. We did so much in such a short period of time…big family birthday bash for Lainey, sleepover at the Hyatt with oodles of cousins, catching up with old friends, and of course a fabulous wedding, dancing, late-night cousin talks…the list goes on. I have over a thousand pictures and there are SO many delicious ones. I’m SO tired…so they will come in installments.

Tonight…my thoughts are on my family and how precious they are to me and how blessed I am to grow up in this great, big wonderful bunch where cousins spent weekends together driving big wheels in Grandma and Grandpa’s driveway and our memories have no limits. For the first time in a long time, this weekend, all of us got together–all 13 grandchildren and bazillion great-grandchildren…for Molly & Jon’s wedding.

This is our Molly–my cousin–the sweetest, kindest, every-bone-in-her-body-is-good girl. She is beautiful, she is loving, she is BRILLIANT but never flaunts it. She’s just…well, Molly. She deserves the best and found it in Jon. More pictures to come of our incredibly fun weekend.

This is the first wedding we’ve photographed…my sister and I…and had SO much fun doing it! Stories to come of our adventures.

Molly Rose

Molly Rose

Sweet, sweet Ava Jean…why is it I think the real life crying flower girl pictures are the cutest?
Ava Jean

My cousins…equally beautiful sisters…inside & out!

Jon & Molly

Jon & Molly
You are beautiful, Molly Rose! Love you! xoxo
Molly Rose
enjoying the small things. ~k


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  1. beautiful photography, beautiful bride, beautiful photographer too!! It was an exquisite event, reflective of the serendipity of sweet Molly and the essence of Jon. Simply lovely!

  2. still relishing the moments in my mind…

    what a positively delicious day.

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOUUUU!!!!

  4. Those pictures are OUT OF THIS WORLD! I love them. What a beautiful bride! I know you and Carin have amazing adventure stories that I can’t wait to hear!
    Glad your home too:)

  5. Wow, great picture composition! I see love, laughter, and beauty – everything thats perfect about a wedding.

    So great seeing you, but so happy you and LL are home and back to normal. :)

  6. Precious photos of a precious soul! It was so good to see everyone…we were together again and it made my heart sing!

  7. These pictures are beautiful and the one of the flower girl is priceless! I bet you and Carin had a blast together, it looks like you work well together!!

  8. wedding photography has come such a long way!!

    kelle…..beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  9. gorgeous!

  10. Kelle and Carin will you please travel back in time and take pictures of me at my wedding??? My pics are a HOOT! All very formal and stiff. You just completely captured the beauty of the day in these.

    And I MUST say….in this profile shot of Molly – oh my GOODNESS can’t you see Aunt E???? Gorgeous!!!

  11. You guys were the BEST wedding photographers EVER! We totally love our wedding pics :) And I loved how Carin snuck around the church-ladies who didn’t want to let you take pictures, haha :)

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