and the forecast calls for…

a blanket of looming gray clouds with the promise of a stay-inside-and-cuddle day: check.
enough coffee to make multiple pots: check.
a basket of tea-light candles to up the coziness factor: check
one super happy cubby who just begs to be kissed, cuddled and read to all day: check.

oh, it’s gunna be a good day.





…and we took this one recently of lily grace and it’s too cute not to share:


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  1. Holy CRAP, Kel. Those are GOOD. Like really good!! The close up of Lainey is SO her. Love it!!

    And Lily looks like she is floating in a sea of gauze and tule…so beautiful.


    And get out of my head…candles are lit here too…eating chocolate chip pancakes and playing board games…ahhhh I love days like these.

    xoxo jc

  2. I can’t get over those emerald eyes! Is her middle name love? It should be.

    Are you going to home school Lainey? I loved your ttfn, bff, lylas references. And the check yes, no or maybe. You crack me up.

    Hope you are having a great, cuddly day with your cubby.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes! Her middle name is “Love”…fitting huh?
    We’ve thrown the idea out for homeschooling just the first couple years, but I think we’re going to do public. we have great public schools here, and she will probably go to the one where I taught because I know everyone and trust them whole-heartedly.

  5. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I can’t believe those are our very own!?!? They are just too good to be true inside and out!!! Love you!!

  6. yer killin’ me with the cuteness!

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