church of the holy beach

photography is slowly opening my eyes to so much more beauty in the world than i ever bothered to notice before…the little things. today, i was almost overwhelmed in wanting to capture it all–the way the clouds looked exactly like my childhood dreams of heaven…the way the light filtered through the screen to give everything it landed on this storybook glow…the wrinkles in cubby’s feet after they had soaked in salt water for a good hour. it just makes me so much more in tune with gratitude and contentment.

anyway, another sunday at the church of the holy beach…and it gets better every time. today, the sky was purely magic–all day long…but then, on the way home, it just crescendo-ed to this mouth-dropping ripe shade of pink. and everything was just as it should be…happy hubby, happy kids, a good book, my camera and these moments:
the one below, i just love…i want to blow this up and hang it in her room…it’s just her…happy.
…and i can’t get over how thankful i am that lainey will grow up with these sunday memories…she is in heaven here, and besides a swig of baba, a quick bite of grouper, and a few reapplications of sunscreen, this kid does nothing but play in the water and sand for hours with this gigantic perma-grin.
the owner was gushing today on how cute and big she’s getting as we recalled all the times she’s been here this last year…
first visit: 5 weeks old…slept in her little moses basket and got passed around for some luvins…

…and then later, we’d bring her walker, and she’d cruise around between the diners while we ate…
…or chill in her bumbo seat

it’s our home away from home…

enjoying the beautiful things ~k


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  1. Having been to IOC many times, I would agree it is a corner of the world that embraces everyone…that, for a moment, doesn’t ask where you came from or where you are headed…just lets you be there for a moment. After your comments, it strangely reminds me of a book I read years ago comparing church to one’s favorite bar…and actually teaching the church some principles that made the bar a favorite and comfortable place to people–it really was a good book and wasn’t picking the bar over church, just reminding the church to be more embracing, more comfortable, more “you are welcome here just as you are.” Yes, I can avow to your attention to details since viewing life through the lens of your camera. You could walk by drying, dying plants and forget to water them, drive down a street dragging bags of garbage on your fender while homeowners waved furiously…and you waved back. Welcome to the world of the aware! Love ya, Kas!

  2. That’s it, we’re moving to Florida! Love the cubbins! Those sky pics look like postcards! The pics of her hands and feet – i want to eat them, sand and all! And then saturday at the beach – its just all too much! Happiness, Love, & Family = Perfection!

    Btw, I love that you tore apart your coffee table.

  3. Kelle-what wonderful pictures. Look at widdle Lainey-bug…she is so beautiful, happy, and getting bigger everyday!!!

    We are joining that church in the Fall…enrollment was a cinch-bring unlimited Mojitos and your in…who knew???!!!LOL

  4. I am SOOOO loving the shots of her chubby hand and foot in the sand.

    Glad you had a happy day!!

    and that beer w/ a lime really looks GOOD…uh-oh, it’s only noon…

  5. ditto on the hand and feet…and the one of you in the straw hat – she looks just like austyn! sydney actually noticed it and then we all agreed.

    LOVE all these pics! Isle of Capri was definitely one of my favorite churches, hands down.

  6. Kelle…you have done it again. I am sitting here staring at that drink..I am not sure what it is but I am doing anything I can to stare at it and take in it’s beauty. Who knew. A drink from a cheap plastic cup has me all emotional. Seriously….I think I need therapy.

    Thanks for the BEAUTY you bring to this world. You can see what the rest of us can’t.

  7. I mean “its beauty”. Sorry. Lately I’ve had a thing for apostrophes. ””””””””’

  8. Great pictures and so much fun! I love the pictures of her growing up going to Isle of Capri. I can’t wait to join you with my love bug.

  9. you are such a lucky family…
    what beautiful memories that you are creating for her!
    she’s a lucky little girl!

  10. Love your church…God painted the frescoed ceiling, and unrolled the sandy carpeting and His choir of seagulls serenade, accompanied by the orchestra of lapping waves and the rastafarian (spelling) musician…and the antiphonal response of the laughter of friends. He who cannot see God in this bliss….cannot see God. I love you!

  11. What amazing memories that Lainey will remember for her whole life. I love all the pictures, but I think my favorite is of her hand/foot.

  12. You srue do enjoy the small things. love the sunset picture… this music, too……….think I will justleave it on all morning…..amazing.

  13. The pictures are beautiful again! Can’t you just come here for a couple of weeks and teach me everything you know? I love the outdoors…..when I’m up north sipping my coffee in the morning and I look around,and listen I see more of God than I ever seem to at chruch! You guys have a great family! By the way I love you with bangs!!!!

  14. Ahhh, you make me miss Florida SOOO badly!!!

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