high hopes in setting out to the beach for sunset tonight…only to be met with, like, monsoon rains when we got there.
making sweet lemonade from our otherwise lemon-ey circumstances, we decided to stay–found a make-shift cabana along with a super cool kid who basically gave the boys a free skim-boarding class. the rains died down a little, leaving this gorgeous periwinkle haze in the sky and a beach that belonged to nobody but us–beautiful and eery at the same time. cubby fell asleep in her little hooded sweatshirt and cuddled in the cabana with me until dark.

…and i am reminded, once again, as i look around at all the little lights from the big hotels on the beach that, while all the people inside are relishing in the beach’s beauty, they have to go home eventually. Me? Well, this place is mine…any time I want it.

…enjoying the small things. ~k



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  1. We too encountered a very nice waveboarder on our last visit there…and he put on an incredible air show for us and others…the beach is a channel always active and entertaining…envious here. Yes, it is your world to embrace…those boys will become expert waveboarders, I am sure! Love the new music on the blog!

  2. hello. i’m not sure how i stumbled upon your blog but i am so glad i did. you are an awesome photographer. i too and an aspiring photographer just getting started. what kind of camera do you use? do you edit your pictures? i have photoshop cs3 but i am going to take a class on it in the fall at my local community college. i shoot with a nikon d40x but hope to upgrade soon. again, what fantastic pictures.
    crystal rutland

  3. LOVE IT….the makeshift cabana!? Hello….come on, how great was that!!! Awww, LL looks so sweet. Glad the boys had fun, too!

  4. have you ever wondered what you look like when you cry?

    wonder no more.

  5. What a great night. You are so lucky to live on a beach….if I could change one thing about our geography, I would add an ocean in Montana.

    Lainey in her hoodie. my. kiss that nose for Margot and me.

  6. Great pictures beautiful skies! You are so right Kelle this is our home and we need to appreciate that! What an absolutely beautiful place to live and raise our children:) Thanks for helping to appreciate!

  7. Hey Kelle! It’s Brett’s sister, Amy. Donna told me about this site and I love it! Thanks for making it so easy for me to keep up with you guys and little Lainey! She is absolutely beautiful…

  8. Things always end up better than expected when you get something totally different than what you wanted. You all look like you had a blast.

  9. seems like you did make lemonade afterall…so sweet Kelle. You know what?? Each and everytime i go to the beach, i walk away saying to myself how lucky i am to be here and i should get to the beach more often. Well, I’m doin’ it sistah-cause of your rememnders.xoxo

  10. Thanks for making me appreciate where we live once again……just went to an open mic night tonight with ERICA. She got up in front of the whole place and blew out AMAZING GRACE on her clarinet……..I looked at erica and he was crying!!! I know this should be a blog post but ……I didn’t have the camera!!!

  11. Ha! I thought the saddy pic of Cubby looked just like Kelle too! Love the BW of you and cubby!

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