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Does it get old? The description of our Sundays? Because I could go on forever, and someday when we’re old and too feeble to make it to Isle of Capri (oh who am I kidding, I’d attach roller skate wheels to my walker and skate there if I had to)…looking back, I don’t want to forget anything…the grain of the old wood floor where Cubby plays, the way the apples of her cheeks shimmer from the slick sunscreen, the way the sand pools up into muddy craters when the tide is low…together, the sounds, the smells, the tastes… it all just makes one heck of a magical day.


Fear not. It’s not Kujo…it’s ‘Lil Girl, the Fish House resident dog…
And this is my Sunday bedroom…I lay on the raft and read and Cubby plays right there…forever. It’s quite heavenly, really
A ‘lil birthday present tee that just screamed “Brett”
…enjoying the small things…


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  1. no…it doesn’t get old (the description of your sundays…)


    it does make me really jealous!

  2. I just love the picture of your Sunday bed, looks so relaxing. I always look forward to your Sunday posts to see how your day went. I really need to bring AJ one weekend, I think he would love it there.

  3. Never gets old! Post like that every Sunday!! Love these pictures!! Love you!!

  4. Uh…is that our SeaDoo raft in that picture? Do children ever stop borrowing their parents’ stuff? I hope Lainey and the boys take all your good stuff someday and leave you looking for it. Great shirt, great dad. Love ya…anyway.

  5. It never gets old. I’m living vicariously thru you! ha! Love the Sunday posts. Love you.

  6. Love your posts. I hadn’t realized how much I miss you all until I started reading your posts. I am catching up and love that I can just long on my pc, go to my favorite blogs, and crawl into your head in those moments that you are sharing what you are feeling, and pretend that I was there with you at the beach, pettin’ that dog…
    …(previous post) givin hugs to wonderful mommy’s that need a moment to lay their heads down and cry or sleep, but you did neither…your a hero of mine. love you Suzie…lol. Remember her?

    xoxo heidi

  7. Love hearing about your Sundays…and hope to get out there with you soon!!

    I love how you left the color on the jet skiing stick figure on B’s shirt. Jamie has the same shirt, only the stick figure is golfing. Shocking, I know. :)

    xoxo jc

  8. spelling mistakes…this is what happens when i am up reading blogs instead of sleeping. sorry about that:)

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