portraits of father’s day

…because he deserves it…
blueberry pancake breakfast. lunch at la fogata, his favorite (with real old-fashioned coke bottles too…and menus in “secret code” a.k.a. Spanish but that’s what makes the food so authentic). impromptu decision to take family bowling followed by a quick run-in to walmart for socks. watching cubby try to lift a bowling ball to no avail. enjoying a perfect family day. coming home to quiet house to relax and cubby falling asleep early tonight…
…followed by daddy saying, “i’m sad. i wasn’t done with her yet.” so we slipped her out of her crib and let her snuggle with daddy on the couch where they both dozed.
happy father’s day.


…even cubby has her bowling shoes on. (note to self: start cute bowling shoe company in next life)


…”i think i’ll take this one…can i get some help here?”
i have practically this same photo…same couch, same pose, same two little hearts…from so many different months of lainey’s life, but this one in particular melts me. my i-love-my-baby-and-my-baby’s-daddy emotions just crumble like cookies. the yummy kind with chocolate chips.

and some peek-a-boo from this morning…
as i write this, i am reminded why i do this…this photo/blogging thing. i was in a “funk” today…just one of those sads i can’t shake and for no particular reason. but now, as i look back at the portraits of our day and see the way it painted out, the funk is gone. smiling. blessed. this blog has allowed me to “paint” our lives at the end of the day and only choose the colors that are most beautiful. and, when i stand back and take a look at the finished canvas, i am reminded of our blessings and the beauty that is us…our family.
…enjoying the small things. ~k


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  1. Shit, Kelle. I am all tearing up over hear on the west side of the continental divide.

    enjoying the small things.

  2. And the green eyes in that last pic. I had to come back to look at it again. Little heart breaker.

  3. Oh, what a beautiful canvas it is!! What a special day all around! I feel like I was there through your pictures!! Love you!

  4. Fabulous! :o)

  5. Great Pics! Love the bottom pic! I noticed her bowling shoes are stride rite. Now that she’s walking, I’m waiting to see the photo-documented trip for walking shoes. Love the “cheesy” fathers day pictures. :)

  6. I haven’t been on in a while so it was nice to catch up with your blog today……I could have commented on all the pictures they are so wonderful. Your daughter is a doll!! Father’s Day looked GREAT! The bowling pics were cool….but the one of Brett and Lainey snuggling is precious! I love it!

  7. Kell-
    What a beautiful post. Your words make me want to cry and then go hug my kids and hubby and never let go…i want my babies to stay babies forever, but you have reminded me that a good dad…will be a good dad to grown-ups too!
    YOur pics are amazing…such a beautiful family you are. The boys, brett, lainey, and you…picture of happiness:):)

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a perfect day! Wonderful pictures as always. And I love how you put things into words! You are so right about how the blog make you step back and see the positive because there is so much positive that gets overlooked in life! You do a wonderful job at not overlooking it and I admire you for that! I admire you for the wonderful mother you are too!

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